Fleet management solution in Australia

Reduce costs, and boost efficiency

Our fleet management Solution provides real-time visibility into your fleet’s performance, helping you make data-driven decisions to improve efficiency and save money.

Take control of your fleet with our comprehensive fleet management solutions

Reduce Costs

Streamline fuel consumption, minimize maintenance expenses, and optimize vehicle utilization to significantly lower operational costs.

Enhance Efficiency

Gain real-time visibility into vehicle locations, routes, and driver performance, enabling data-driven decision-making.

Boost Productivity

Empower drivers to complete tasks efficiently and stay on schedule, maximizing productivity and customer satisfaction.

Prioritize Safety

 Implement proactive safety measures, including driver monitoring, collision avoidance systems, and route optimization, to protect your drivers and assets.

Streamline operations, reduce costs, and enhance safety with our comprehensive fleet management solutions.

Optimize Your Fleet Operations and Drive Profits

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Key Features

Empowering Your Fleet with Intelligent Technology

Advanced Fleet Management Solutions in Australia

Optimize your fleet operations and save money while complying with Australian regulations.

Let us help you overcome common fleet management hurdles and achieve operational excellence

Comprehensive Fuel Management

Monitor fuel consumption and identify areas for improvement.

Predictive Maintenance Scheduling

Schedule maintenance based on real-time data to avoid breakdowns

Advanced Driver Safety Tools

Promote safe driving habits and reduce accidents

Gain Complete Control Over Your Vehicles, Drivers, and Costs

Complete Solution From One Provider

Techtonika service is designed with our clients in mind to improve everyday work efficiency for both,logistics managers and drivers, increasing the rate of timely arrivals and cargo utilization.

Web platform for dispatcher

The dispatcher can send created tasks, generated routes, and messages from TrustTrack Web platform straight to Driver App.

Mobile Driver Application

The co-created Driver app ensures the best us.er experience – a simple and intuitive user interface enables the driver to easily navigate.

Tablets with Connectivity Bundle

Integrated Service includes software, tablet, and continuous support. Techtonika focuses on user experience and ease-of-use.

Remote Suppot

Techtonika provides a long-term solution with excellent support and continuous development that means that more functions will be available in the future.

How does the solution work?

We Bring efficiency to the routing and tasking functions

In addition to these basic routing tasks, many router vendors may add extra functions for their products, such as security, remote connectivity, traffic filtering and monitoring, and network management functions