Safety & Security

Add extra safety and security measures to the vehicle and trailer. Improve cargo, driver, vehicle and trailer protection.

  • Temperature monitoring
  • Remote ignition blocking
  • Door status monitoring
  • And other security solutions

Temperature monitoring

Monitor cargo temperature and get notifications in case of any deviations.

Temperature data is received directly from refrigerated trailer or from additionally installed temperature sensors. When cargo temperature changes, notifications are sent via various channels allowing to take preventative actions

See real-time cargo temperature and generate reports with temperature change information.

Remote ignition blocking

Prevent vehicle from unauthorized use or from being stolen, by remotely blocking vehicle ignition.

Engine block relay installed to the vehicle allows to remotely block vehicle ignition or start vehicle only after driver identification is complete. It ensures vehicle is used only by authorized personnel, that confirms their identity with RDID card or Ibutton key.

Ignition can be also blocked when vehicle leaves predefined area – city, country, construction or other work area.

Door status monitoring

Get information when trailer doors are opened and closed.

Door sensors installed to the trailer allows to know when and where trailer doors were opened and closed. It helps to protect cargo by sending email, SMS or in-system notifications on door opening events to transport manager or driver.

Notifications can be sent on custom events, such as door opening at specific time or location.