Transparent and Simple Pricing

Transparent and Simple Pricing

Price transparency is a topic which comes up frequently in our discussions with our clients, with customers and in the media.

Price Transparency Builds Knowledge

Anyone who negotiates knows that a big uncertainty factor is what the opponents are bidding. In B2B markets, many of which are information-poor, the next-best alternative is the great mystery. Salespeople and managers traditionally rely on educated guesswork to get competitors’ prices or infer them from win-loss analyses of previous deals.

Price transparency mitigates all that. By making competitive prices accessible, competitors themselves can make their own price comparisons and get a clearer understanding of their relative market value. You know where you need to be, so to speak, and this can reduce uncertainty and inspire confidence.

Price Transparency Emphasizes

When prices become clearer to everyone in a market, the value of each competitor also comes into sharper focus. You can define the value you add specifically, and quantify it in terms of prices more precisely, because you know where you stand price-wise versus your competitors.

You have a more solid basis for defining and quantifying what makes you an attractive, trusted, valuable business partner and what differentiates your products and services. This applies even in a highly competitive market where price transparency has driven price levels down to more uniform levels.