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Fleet Management Solutions in Australia

Safety & Security

Add extra safety and security measures to the vehicle and trailer. Improve cargo, driver, vehicle and trailer protection.

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Keyless Solution

Get all the technology to launch and scale your own car rental, car-sharing and corporate fleet business.

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Fuel Monitoring and Control

Fuel costs can amount up to one-third of all fleet operating costs. Having an accurate fuel monitoring and control system.

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Eco-Drive solution

Reduce fuel consumption, improve fleet safety and set-up a motivation system by monitoring driver behaviour.

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Routing and Tasking

Techtonika service is designed with our clients in mind to improve everyday work efficiency for both.

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Vehicle Tracking

Real-time vehicle tracking is a proven way to improve fleet performance. Optimise operating costs.

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Light Commercial Vehicle tracking

Techtonika is one of the first companies in Europe to offer a tracking solution for light commercial vehicles

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Trip Planning and Tasking

Industry-level route planning solution tailored for long haul transportation helps to avoid ineffective and restricted routes

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Everyday Use and Onboarding

Ready-to-go solution including the app, tablet, and data connectivity, focuses on seamless user experience for both

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Problem Resolution Through Remote Support

Remote support functionality makes it easy to promptly onboard drivers, resolve encountered problems, and implement needed upgrades.

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Transparent and Simple Pricing

Price transparency is a topic which comes up frequently in our discussions with our clients, with customers and in the media.

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Get Advanced Fleet Management Solutions in Australia

Advanced Fleet Management Solutions in Australia

Fleet management is a concern of every logistics company. While the demand for transportation is highest than it has ever been in history, the competition in the sphere is also at its peak. And with the rising fuel prices and other operational costs, businesses need a partner that can guarantee them efficient and smooth fleet management. Techtonika Autolink is the companion you have been looking for all along to assist in your fleet operations. We offer advanced fleet management software in Australia that will maximise your earnings and reduce any waste in your operations. Our solutions are flexible and easy to operate, even for individuals that are not up to date with all the new tech out there.

Benefits of fleet management systems

Fleet management solutions are the need of the hour for any logistics business. Not only do they reduce operational costs and, more importantly, waste, but they also allow managers to keep track of their fleet vehicles at any moment easily.

Here are some key benefits that a business can avail themselves of with fleet management solutions.

  • Improve Driver Safety: Around 30% of on-road accidents that happen in the transportation industry are due to ‘speed-related’ issues. With the live tracking feature, the fleet management solutions enable managers to stay updated on dangerous driving with immediate alerts. The manager can monitor and then correct the behaviour of their drivers.
  • Real-time updates: Fleet managers get real-time updates regarding their fleet vehicles. Whether it is the completion of the task or any diversion made by the driver, the fleet manager does not need to call the driver repeatedly for confirmation.
  • Reduce operational costs: Not only does the fleet management system improves the efficiency of the whole operation, but also immediately notifies the manager and the operator whether the vehicle needs any maintenance. Fleet Maintenance solutions in Australia come as a part of the package.
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction: With route planning software in the mix, the fleet operator could easily choose the best route to deliver the goods in the shortest amount of time. Since there would be no delay with the delivery, the customer satisfaction rate would go through the roof. There is also the possibility of sharing the tracking details with the customers, which would also increase their trust factor in the logistics company.

Techtonika Autolink for fleet management solutions in Australia.

Techtonika Autolink is the premier fleet management solutions provider in Australia. Not only do we offer the latest fleet management solutions, but we will customise them to your needs. In addition, our fleet management solutions would easily integrate with the current software and hardware you have in place in operations, reducing implementation charges. For fleet management solutions in Australia, you simply cannot find a better companion in the market than Techtonika Autolink – that’s a guarantee!

Don’t forget to connect with us if you actually want to know how a fleet management system will work for you..