Trip Planning and Tasking

Industry-level route planning solution tailored for long haul transportation helps to avoid ineffective and restricted routes, minimize possible driver’s mistakes, and cut business costs.

Collection Management Cycle

The collection management process is cyclic in nature. As you use the process to satisfy some intelligence requirements, you simultaneously use it to generate new requirements or reprioritize existing ones.

Remember to always conduct every step. The time required to execute these steps depends upon the tools you choose to use and develop. If you are familiar with the capabilities of your assets, for example, you may speed up the process by not actually constructing asset evaluation worksheets. You will, however, consider the capabilities of your assets against the collection target before selecting them as part of your collection strategy.

Collection Management Relationship

The last decade has been a time of reduction in
stack space, for a wide range of reasons.
Increasing pressure to ensure that precious
square footage is focused on user needs has
precipitated a reduction of stacks in many
libraries. Off‐site storage facilities are notoriously
full, with some seemingly on life support.
Increasingly, libraries are having to weed print
collections, whether in the campus libraries or
offsite storage. There has been a range of success
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