Trip Planning and Tasking

Industry-level route planning solution tailored for long haul transportation helps to avoid ineffective and restricted routes, minimize possible driver’s mistakes, and cut business costs.

Collection Management Cycle

The collection management process is cyclic in nature. As you use the process to satisfy some intelligence requirements, you simultaneously use it to generate new requirements or reprioritize existing ones.

Remember to always conduct every step. The time required to execute these steps depends upon the tools you choose to use and develop. If you are familiar with the capabilities of your assets, for example, you may speed up the process by not actually constructing asset evaluation worksheets. You will, however, consider the capabilities of your assets against the collection target before selecting them as part of your collection strategy.

Collection Management Relationship

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Trip Planning Software in Australia

Trip management solutions with Techtonika Autolink

Empower your logistics business with trip planning software in Australia from Techtonika Autolink. It goes without saying that creating a trip for the transportation of goods is a crucial part of transportation. A team is specially dedicated at every transportation company whose sole responsibility is to chart the correct course. 

Now, while those experts are a crucial part of the operation, they have become redundant with the entrance of smart route optimisation solutions that not only handle the same task quickly but also remove the human error element from the logistics. These advanced tech solutions offer real-time visibility and assist in informed decision-making by the operators. Techtonika Autolink offers one such trip management software under our fleet management software umbrella that logistics companies can utilise and significantly bolster their operation’s efficiency and reduce cost.

Benefits of Trip Planning Software for fleet operators

Trip planning software is a massive help for the logistics company. Not only do they identify the most economical and time-saving path for the operators, but their error-free solutions ensure the best results.

  • Charting a new course in case of road blockage: Not everything could be foreseen, including a road blockage resulting in a traffic jam and, more importantly, precious time waste and hence delay in the order. The trip management solutions are equipped with live traffic software to not only suggest a new route but recommend it well before the driver is anywhere close to the accident area.
  • Driver Retention: It has been observed that the implementation of trip management software solutions is directly proportional to the high number of driver retention in the logistics company. The optimised route enables the driver to have sufficient time for relaxation and recovery and not spend time stuck in traffic. The driver shortage is a serious issue in the transportation industry, and trip planning software can do its bit to sort it out.
  • Predictable schedules: Trip planning software in operation allows for a predictive schedule with minimal alteration to the schedule of the drivers. This frees them from the worry of charting their own course, resulting in a happier working environment. It also promotes loyalty in the employees. The trip planning software also considers human rest while creating the schedule, allowing the driver to rest properly during the long ride.
  • Bonuses for fleet drivers: Logistics companies can promote a bonus program to encourage drivers to follow the scheduled route. This is especially helpful if the employees are paid per the delivery made. And by saving time wasted in traffic, trip planning software only encourages them to deliver more!

Get trip planning software today with Techtonika Autolink!

Techtonika Autolink is the default destination for businesses in Australia to reach out for trip-planning software for their requirement. We not only provide reliable and fairly priced trip planning and management software solutions, but we provide lifetime support to our clients. If you are looking for the best trip management solutions, then reach out to us right away.