Vehicle Tracking -GPS

Real-time vehicle tracking is a proven way to improve fleet performance. Optimise operating costs, increase efficiency and save time.

Always know what is happening with your vehicles and improve overall fleet performance. Real-time information enables fleet managers and operators to react to any changes and make better informed decisions.

GPS Tracking | Fleet management in logistics

7 Benefits of fleet management system 

  • Real-time vehicle location and status
  • Vehicle address and coordinates
  • Link to share location with 3rd parties
  • Trip history
  • Various reports for trip and vehicle activity
  • Speed, fuel level and other parameters
  • Street view and traffic information
  • And much more!

How telematics benefits business? 

Use advanced features to improve fleet performance.

  • Driver behaviour monitoring
  • Fuel level and consumption monitoring
  • On-board computer data reading (CANbus)
  • Trailer temperature monitoring
  • Custom events
  • Tachograph data
  • Vehicle maintenance management
  • Route planning and task sending